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About Us

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Karambola Leather bracelets is a brand born in Spain.

We are dedicated to design and creation of bracelets for men and women in addition to pendants and necklaces.

The first designs came out of the workshop in 2014, family and friends were our first customers. Now our complements travel all over the world, mainly to the United States.

Our bracelets are made one by one by our artisans who select the best pieces and combine them harmoniously making each bracelet a unique and exclusive piece of art.

Our creation process is constant, designing new models and expanding our product catalog in order to offer our customers bracelets for leather lovers and for those who prefer no animal origin materials or with energy properties.

In our shop online you can find bracelets for men and women made with leather and silver plated zamak combined with another materials like semiprecious stones, Swarovski crystal, pearls, ceramic or genuine snakeskin.

Our online shop of bracelets for men offers you unique and original fashion accessories of top quality with very competitive prices.

We offer exclusively online products handmade 100% in Spain.

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“The future belongs to those who create in the beauty of dreams”
Eleanor Roosevelt

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